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No One Knows What Color Bernie Sanders' Suit Was During Last Night's Debate

Politically, we live in one of the most divisive periods in US history.

This was particularly apparent during last night's Democratic debate, as people across the country once again butted heads on one of the most important issues of our day: What color was Bernie Sanders' suit?

Was Bernie Sanders' suit brown, black or blue?

It's a question for the ages, and it's very reminiscent of the infamous debate that occurred over "the dress" last year.

Our official position is it was brown.

But, others clearly do not agree.

Bernie Sanders' campaign workers reportedly said the suit was blue...

...or did they? Even Sanders' campaign couldn't decide.

Obviously, this issue will continue to incite fierce discussion. In the spirit of democracy, we'll let the American people decide what color Sanders' suit really was...

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