The Internet's Mesmerized By Video Showing Strange Way Trump's Hair Blows In Wind

by John Haltiwanger

People are probably a little too obsessed with President Donald Trump's hair.

Then again, the news has been pretty stressful lately (especially when it comes to Trump), so you can hardly blame people for wanting to lighten things up a bit.

A video recently emerged of Trump's hair blowing in the wind.

And, of course, since the internet can't help itself, the video went viral.

Some offered their thoughts on what Trump's hair resembles.

One person referred to his golden mane as an "orange furry Yoda."

@KevinMKruse @GideonResnick — Chris Labarthe (@chris_labarthe) March 6, 2017
Breaking: Trump's hair has finally had enough and has left him to seek a better life. We have footage: — Persian Rose (@PersianRose1) March 1, 2017
@GideonResnick — cattywampus (@MrMittensthecat) March 6, 2017
@GideonResnick @DavidHughesTwit All I can see is Dobby from Harry Potter — Andy Gibbons (@andyffgibbons) March 6, 2017

If you're upset people are commenting on Trump's appearance, it might be a helpful time to recall the fact Trump once said this regarding women: "A person who is very flat-chested is very hard to be a 10."

So, yeah, not only do we live in a society where powerful women are constantly scrutinized for their appearance, our current president is arguably one of the most misogynistic American leaders of the modern era.

But let's stay focused, people!

As mesmerizing as Trump's hair is, there were definitely a number of things that occurred in the past week and over the weekend that deserve a lot more attention than this.

For example, we recently found out Attorney General Jeff Sessions might have lied in his confirmation hearing about his communications with Russia, forcing him to recuse himself from any investigations of Trump's presidential campaign, including anything related to Russian interference in the election.

Then, over the weekend, Trump accused former President Barack Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower during the US presidential campaign without providing any evidence whatsoever to confirm this assertion.

Subsequently, on Monday, Trump issued a revised version of his controversial travel ban, which is already being decried by civil liberties groups.

Long story short, American politics is going through a decidedly confusing period right now.

So, while it's definitely not healthy to spend 100 percent of your time paying attention to the news, maybe we should also avoid spending too much time contemplating what Trump's wind-brushed hair most resembles.

Relatedly, Bob Dylan's "Blowin' In The Wind" feels particularly relevant right now.

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