Sex Therapist Says Trump's Win Has Caused Women To Lose Their Sex Drives


A licensed sex therapist has spoken out about her clients having lost their sex drives since Trump won the 2016 presidential election.

Kimberly Resnick Anderson, who works in LA, says that Clinton's defeat against Donald Trump has severely affected the libido of her female clients.


To be clear, this is the opinion of a single professional, but her observations are, to say the least, interesting.

She calls it the "Trump Bedroom Backlash." She told,

Since Trump won a common complaint in my office is that women get more easily annoyed when their husbands or boyfriends initiate sex.

And went on to explain the individual experiences of several patients:

One of my patients admitted, "Since Trump won, the thought of having sex is unappealing to me. All I can picture is him boasting about exploiting women…It makes me sick." This sentiment rings throughout my office on a frequently increasing basis. Another patient lamented to me that since his wife discovered he was a Trump supporter, "she wants nothing to do with me in the bedroom. It's as if I am suddenly the enemy." A couple sat in my office and she said, "If you support Trump in any way, shape or form, then we do not share core values. And if we do not share core values, it's hard to be sexually attracted to you."

None of this surprises me at all.

After all, not only was a recording of Donald Trump found where he cheerfully admitted he likes to sexually assault women and made all of these disgusting statements about women, but what's even worse is that the 53 percent of men who voted for Trump were absolutely fine with all that. They were fine with electing a president who devalues, demeans and degrades women.

This means that the large majority of sexual partners available to straight women voted against their interests, safety and dignity.

If that doesn't kill your sex drive I don't know what does.

The last election was about gender as much as it was about anything else.

If you doubt this, consider for a moment that, if only women had voted, Clinton would have won the popular vote by 12 percentage points. And if only men had voted, Trump would have won the popular vote by 12 points.

To put this into perspective, Ronald Reagan, in 1984, won by the largest margin in the history of the United States, and he only won by 18 points.

Pew Research Center

Politics is about gender as much as it's about class or race or age or, god forbid, actual ideals.

And no other candidate is more divisive, in this respect, than Donald Trump.

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