The Senate Just Blocked Four Gun Control Measures And We've Had Enough


On Monday, the US Senate rejected four gun control measures that would have closed background check loopholes and prevented terrorists from buying guns. Just eight days after a mass shooting left 49 slaughtered in Orlando, senators blocked measures that would have increased the safety of American citizens.

According to Reuters, Democrats brought two of those measures forward while Republicans constructed the other two. In the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in US history, votes fell largely along party lines with 47 voting for and 53 voting against a bill that would have prevented terrorists on the "no fly" list from buying guns.

So, somehow it's not okay for terrorists to fly but perfectly fine for them to buy assault weapons?

Apparently, the Republicans and NRA advocates against the measures claimed the Democratic bills were "too restrictive" and impeded the Second Amendment. Mind you, the US Constitution was written at a time when the deadliest weapon you could find was a bayonet that took at least a few minutes to reload.

The Senate Democratic Leader, Harry Reid, said,

It's always the same. After each tragedy, we try, we Democrats try to pass sensible gun safety measures. Sadly, our efforts are blocked by the Republican Congress who take their marching orders from the National Rifle Association.

Understandably, people took to Twitter to express their frustration over the vote.

If you value safety and common sense, don't re-elect politicians who care more about preserving their relationships with the NRA than protecting American lives. Here's a handy list:

You can also call or email your senator and raise hell for not seeing these measures pass. Britney knows what's up...

Enough is enough. It's now or never, America.

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