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Sean Spicer Upset At Reports He Hid In White House Bushes

You can now add "Sean Spicer arguing about hiding in bushes" to the list of bizarre things that have happened this week.

On Thursday night, the 45-year-old White House Press Secretary got into a "heated" exchange with an Washington Post editor about just that, according to a report from Politico. The reason why is clear, too.

On Tuesday, the Post published a report claiming Spicer had spent several minutes "hidden in the darkness" near bushes at the White House, painting the picture of a man so flustered by the media firestorm that ensued after President Trump's sudden firing of now former FBI Director James Comey that he had to flee and stall in order to figure out what to tell the media.

It was not at all a good look for the press secretary. The Post's report prompted a fair share of jokes at his expense.

Spicer said the Washington Post grossly "misstated the situation around our attempt to brief the press," according to Politico. Politico also indicated Spicer was more upset about the Post article than he was about the negative press the president had been receiving for the way Comey's firing was executed and explained.

Trump's version of the events directly contradicted Spicer's version of the events.

Spicer indicated to the press that the decision to fire Comey came straight from the Department of Justice and was simply co-signed by Trump.

Trump, however, told NBC News' Lester Holt that he'd made the decision fire Comey before Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wrote a letter outlining the former FBI director's shortcoming.

Still, it appears Spicer's biggest gripe this week is how media reports have made his performance into comedy sketch material, literally.

On Friday morning, CNN anchor Don Lemon tweeted a video of actress Melissa McCarthy rolling down a Manhattan street, dressed as Sean Spicer on a podium with wheels.

Meanwhile...... @melissamccarthy heading to @nbcsnl as @PressSec / @seanspicer in front of #CNN. #SNL — Don Lemon (@donlemon) May 12, 2017

So yeah, stay tuned.