Sean Spicer Speaks Out About His Resignation: "It's Been An Honor"

by Alexandra Svokos

After six high-profile months of pressure (and mockery), Sean Spicer resigned as White House press secretary on Friday, July 21.

UPDATE: Anthony Scaramucci has officially been confirmed as White House director of communications. Sarah Huckabee Sanders is now the press secretary, they confirmed during Friday's press briefing. Spicer will be staying on for a few more weeks.

EARLIER: Once the resignation was reported, Spicer commented on it in a form fitting the Trump administration: he tweeted.

Spicer tweeted about his resignation from the @PressSec account, which is the official Twitter account for the press secretary. In his tweet, he said,

It's been an honor & privilege to serve @POTUS @realDonaldTrump & this amazing country. I will continue my service through August

With this tweet, we get the answer to a question that has been pressing since the resignation was announced. Namely, how much more time of Spicey do we have left? According to his tweet, he will be staying on "through August," so the fun's not over quite yet.

Washington Post reporter Ben Terris apparently spoke with Spicer, if his tweets are any indication. Spicer reportedly told him that he is only "midway through the book" of his life, and that he would call the latest chapter of his life "Exciting Times."

Spicer did not reveal exactly what's next for him, but did say there will probably be "plenty of opportunities."

Finally, Spicer told Terris, he has had #noregrets.

Spicer resigned on Friday following reports that President Donald Trump was asking Anthony Scaramucci to be the White House's director of communications.

Spicer reportedly was unhappy with Trump's decision, because Scaramucci has little political communications experience, according to CNN.

Elite Daily reached out to the White House for information about the resignation and Spicer's reported dislike of Scaramucci, but did not hear back at publication time.

After weeks of press briefings that have not been broadcast -- due to the Trump White House's imposed rules -- the White House is hosting a briefing on Friday, July 21, that is being broadcast live.

Spicer might be leaving us soon, but Spicer memes live forever.