Sean Spicer 'Racist' In Awkward Apple Store Ambush Video


It's not like Sean Spicer has a reputation for speaking thoughtfully and kindly to those who criticize the president.

But at least Donald Trump's press secretary is consistent when it comes to that, even outside the office, it seems.

Shree Chauhan, an Indian-American, was doing some shopping in an Apple store when she noticed the wordsmith wandering around. Obviously, she couldn't let an opportunity like this slide. So she went all rogue and ambushed Spicer with a barrage of intense questions.

She's heard asking,


Spicer calmly fires back,

He then smiles and walks away before the encounter ends.

Shree branded his comment "racist" and slammed him in a blog post hours later.

She explained that as someone who has lived in Washington DC for nearly a decade, it's normal to bump into public figures on the street. Shree said she would usually let them go about their day without harassing them.


She explained,

Shree said "that is racism and it is an implied threat." She continued,

She said she's still stunned by the boldness of his words and ended her post by imploring people to "rise up against the Trump regime before it is too late."


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