Once You Spot The Savage Joke In Trump's Time Cover, You'll Never Unsee It

by John Haltiwanger

You might've heard Donald Trump is Time's 2016 Person of the Year.

The president-elect, who just loves to be the center of attention, said it was a "tremendous honor" to receive this accolade, which has also been given to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin and Vladimir Putin in the past.

But Trump might not be so happy once he notices the hidden message on the cover.


Look closer...

Yes, those appear to be devil horns.


After people started talking about this on social media, the magazine highlighted all of the other instances in which people on the cover were given devil horns.

These examples were accompanied by a statement from Time's staff, which said,

There was some hubbub online Wednesday over Time's new Person of the Year cover, which appeared to show Donald Trump sporting a set of horns. (This sort of thing has happened before.) Given the shape of the letter “m” in the magazine's name and its location on the cover, many other subjects in the past have also appeared to sprout extra features. It's happened to Hillary Clinton at least twice. It's happened to Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush, too.

Turns out Trump's not so special when it comes to having these horns — but it was still pretty amusing to see.

Here are some of the other covers where major figures were inadvertently given horns.

Here's young Bill Clinton with horns.


And old Bill Clinton with horns.


Honest Abe also got some horns one time.


And here's Darth Vader — who already looks pretty evil — with horns.


Even Jesus was accidentally given horns at one point.


Regardless, Trump, who's perhaps the most thin-skinned president-elect of all time, is probably still annoyed people are laughing at his expense and associating him with Satan.

So, even though it wasn't intentional, thanks for that, Time. Much appreciated.

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