Republican's Reaction To Woman Going In On Him Is Internet's New Favorite Meme


I can't stop watching this video of Mitch McConnell getting yelled at by a constituent.

At town halls and open events across the nation, lawmakers — mostly Republican ones — are really hearing it from the people they are supposed to represent in Washington.

While members of Congress are back home in a recess, they're supposed to be having these open events for constituents to talk to them.

And, oh boy, the constituents are making sure their voices are heard.

Protests and demonstrations have been marking these town halls, which are generally filled past capacity with people who want to demand action from their lawmakers against the actions of Donald Trump, including on women's health, Obamacare and national security.

McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky who is the Senate Majority Leader, faced his crowd at a luncheon on Tuesday.

A woman stood up to ask him a question. She said,

The last I heard, these coal jobs are not coming back, and now these people don't have the insurance they need to 'cause they're poor, and they worked those coal mines, and they're sick.

Trump was elected with the promise of bringing back coal mines, and now people are worried those jobs will not come back — and if the Republicans take away Obamacare, people will be out of insurance. The woman continued,

The veterans are sick, the veterans are broken down. They're not getting what they need.

Then she went in with her mic drop, which referred to McConnell shutting down Senator Elizabeth Warren earlier this month. She said,

If you can answer any of that, I'll sit down and shut up like Elizabeth Warren.

McConnell's actions against Warren led to the now-famous phrase he incidentally coined: "Nevertheless, she persisted."

The video of McConnell listening to the woman went viral as people paid extra attention to his face.

McConnell's face remained impassive until he broke at the end, looking like this:

But it was the blank look in his eyes, that could be perceived as being overwhelmed or feeling regret, that really caught the internet's imagination.

And so, the McConnell memes started.

It was excellent.

Ultimately, McConnell responded to the woman by not responding.

He told her,

I hope you feel better now.

McConnell later said that he appreciates protests, but considers them nothing more than people's "right to express themselves" because "they didn't like the results of the election."

This was one of many heated moments going on at town halls and public events around the country.

Representative Marsha Blackburn in Tennessee had one constituent tell her,

We're not stupid; you have to do better.

Chris Petersen, a farmer, gave Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa a bottle of Tums.

He then asked the senator about repealing Obamacare, which gave him insurance. Petersen said,

Over 20 million will lose coverage and, with all due respect, sir, you're the man that talked about the death panels. We're going to create one great big death panel in this country that people can't afford to get insurance.

Petersen urged Grassley to "improve" the ACA rather than repeal it.

Many other lawmakers have faced similar demanding questions and loud protests. Local town halls and events for constituents are still going on this week.

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