Here's Further Proof President Obama Can Make Any Baby Stop Crying


At some point, regardless of how much any of us love him or don't, we'll all have to have an objective discussion to review the tenure of President Barack Obama.

Was he a good leader? Did his policies work? Eventually, we'll get to all that good stuff.

But, one of the subjects for which there really is no debate is Obama's way with babies. Simply put, he's the baby whisperer.

Just look at him go to work in this clip from a couple years back.

As a person who can't even get kids related to him to stop crying, it must be said: That's some serious skill.

It also has to be said Obama's been showing off this skill for years now. When he picks up a baby, there are practically only two possible results: The baby either looks at the president, mesmerized, or the baby stops crying.

It's really that simple.

And like most people who have exceptional talents, Obama took his skills worldwide this week. During the president's visit to Japan, he encountered another crying baby and, ultimately, another chance to show off.

Damn Obama, back at it again with the baby whispering.

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