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Will Trump Finish His Term As President? Poll Finds 1 In 4 Say Yes

A new poll conducted by USA Today and iMediaEthics contains some news that will probably upset President Donald Trump. The poll found that nearly half, 46 percent, of Americans say Trump is not likely to complete his first term. Only 27 percent of those polled believe he'll "definitely" complete his four-year term. Even one in 10 Republicans doubt he'll finish his term.

Americans are also split when it comes to a desire to impeach the president: 42 percent want him impeached, and 42 percent do not. These numbers are largely split among party lines: roughly seven in 10 Democrats support impeachment; but only 15 percent of Republicans do.

What is perhaps most interesting about the poll is how opinions on Trump are split among demographics:

Support for impeachment is stronger among younger people than older ones; 51% of those under 35 but just 33% among those 50 and older say Trump should be removed from office. Women are more likely than men to back impeachment, 46% compared with 38%. There is also a racial and ethnic divide. Two-thirds of African-Americans and a majority of Hispanics back impeachment, compared with a third of whites.

These demographics echo how Americans voted in the presidential election last fall.

The president is known to be borderline obsessed with polls and his approval ratings -- a habit that he has carried with him from the campaign to the presidency.

He often tweets out polls conducted by Fox News and Rasmussen Reports, a polling agency -- both of which often show more favorable numbers than most other polling companies. But he does mention other polling and media companies -- when the numbers are in his favor, or when he's angry about the "fake news."

He tweeted as recently as last week that a poll conducted by ABC and The Washington Post was "inaccurate."

The poll showed his approval rating was historically low at just 36 percent. (Though the USA Today poll puts his approval rating at 44 percent, which should give him a little boost.)

And he has tweeted several times in the past few months about polls conducted by "fake news" media companies.

Additionally, he often finds time to tweet about his ratings compared to former President Barack Obama -- even when those polling numbers aren't accurate.

So it's not out of the realm of possibility that he'll see this poll, which shows that a large portion of Americans do not have confidence that he will complete his term -- or even that he should.

I'm willing to bet that the fact that only about a quarter of Americans "definitely" believe he will finish out his term will probably not sit well with the embattled president, and we may be on the verge of yet another tweet storm about his accomplishments.

I'm already prepping the snacks.