People Are Photoshopping This Politician's Muslim Ban Poster And It's Hilarious


Politicians around the world have been reacting to the Wednesday terror attack in London.

Five people died in the attack, including the attacker, who was a British man using an Arabic name.

Like they often do during these tragedies, politicians are using the attack to push forward their own ideas. President Donald Trump, for instance, pushed forward the idea that he talks to female foreign leaders like a big boy.

But Pauline Hanson was really set on pushing an agenda in the wake of tragedy.

Hanson is a conservative politician from Australia. Much like Trump, her support comes from populism and anti-immigration views.

And, oh yeah, she's looking for any excuse to hate on Muslims.

On Wednesday, she posted a video to Twitter of her calling for a Muslim ban.

She referred to Islam as a "disease" that Australia needs to "vaccinate ourselves against," so that's sweet.

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said her words were "bat-poo crazy stuff" and "plain dumb." (Australia sounds so fun.)

When there is tragedy and hate, it is helpful to look for the good.

Sometimes, the good comes in the form of internet trolling.

Hanson unthinkingly put out her ignorant call for a Muslim ban (which has repeatedly been ruled unconstitutional in the United States) on a blank piece of paper.


And do you know what you can do really easily with a blank piece of paper?

Photoshop it.


And that's exactly what citizens of the internet set out to do.


They had a lot of fun turning Hanson's bigotry into lulz.


Photoshoppers, too, seemed to believe Hanson's idea was "bat-poo crazy."


And just childish.

They were not afraid to show Hanson how they felt about her Muslim ban idea...


... and how they felt about Hanson herself.


They even got Trump in on the fun.


So thank you, internet, for reminding us that when there are bad things being said, there are good people standing up to fight them -- and, if you're lucky, they do it with a laugh.

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