News — Meet This Young Gay Republican White House Reporter
by John Haltiwanger

Lucian Wintrich epitomizes the untraditional and contradictory nature of the Trump era.

A reporter for the conservative blog Gateway Pundit, Wintrich, 28, is a Trump supporter who recently became a White House correspondent.

At the DeploraBall in January, the pro-Trump event that coincided with the inauguration, Wintrich declared,

I'm going to be the youngest, gayest correspondent in the White House in history!

Wintrich is, by nature, a contrarian.

He has no qualms with supporting a political party that does not fully support him.

In spite of the numerous Republican politicians who vehemently oppose LGBTQ rights, Wintrich is a proud conservative.

Some dismiss him as a troll, while others link him to the alt-right, which many view as a neo-Nazi movement (Wintrich vehemently disagrees with this assertion).

Rachel Maddow may have summed Wintrich up best when she described him as "deliberately controversial" and "deliberately provocative."

His aim is to antagonize, especially when it comes to the left, and he revels in riling people up.

For what it's worth, Wintrich is fairly transparent and candid about this,

There is, in the same sense, as there are careers on the left playing off of identity politics, there are careers on the right playing off of leftist overreaction... I'm entering a territory where I know half the people there absolutely despise me and despise the publication I write for.

Some might argue that there's value in Wintrich's work because it offers a viewpoint that isn't "mainstream."

But, others might say his deliberate attempt to provoke those he disagrees with is just standard trolling masquerading as journalism.

Wintrich's recent articles include such headlines as "THE LEFT STILL FIXATED ON RACE: Maxine Waters & April Ryan's Race Baiting" and "Spike In Anti-Semitic Acts Bears Hallmark of Radical Left False Flag Operations/Anti-Israel Sentiment."

During the US presidential campaign, Wintrich launched Twinks4Trump, an NSFW art project that featured images of nearly-naked young men.

Whether or not you agree with his politics, one thing's for sure: Wintrich knows how to generate attention.

Frankly, that seems to be his primary objective.