REUTERS/Carlos Barria

The Obamas Danced The Tango In Argentina, And It Was Incredible

President Obama has a new nickname: Twinkle Toes in Chief.

On Wednesday, the Obamas attended an official state dinner held by Argentine President Mauricio Macri at the Néstor Kirchner Cultural Centre in Buenos Aires. The event included a vivacious cultural display in which the president and first lady were asked to participate.

With a reluctant look on his face, the president was swept onto the dance floor to enjoy a little of Argentina's national dance: the tango.

Michelle Obama also showed off her moves, but we all already knew she kills it in this arena.

Even though the president didn't seem all that enthused about being spontaneously asked to dance, he's definitely light on his feet (so much swag).

Diplomacy, in and of itself, is a sort of dance. There's a lot of give and take, and it takes finesse. In this case, dancing and diplomacy were literally mixed together, and the results were magical.

The Obamas are definitely among the most elegant and charismatic first couples the US has ever had.

Check out the video of the Obamas dancing the tango below. on YouTube

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