The Obamas' Intimate New Cover Shoot Will Make You Believe In Love Again


I was already feeling a little nostalgic about the Obamas, even though they still have a few more months left in the White House, but then, the cover of the October issue of ESSENCE magazine just kicked that nostalgia into overdrive.

The photos accompanying the story will melt your cold, icy heart.

You don't have to agree with everything President Obama has done to recognize he and Michelle Obama have a loving, genuine marriage.

I mean, come on, these two epitomize relationship goals.

In this lonely and unforgiving world, the Obamas make you believe in true love again.

In addition to taking super romantic photos with ESSENCE, the Obamas discussed what their time in the White House has been like, and the impact they hoped they have had on the country.

President Obama said,

Michelle Obama also touched on what it means for black children to see a black family in the White House for eight years. She said,

These two have brought an immense amount of dignity to the White House. They've definitely been a first couple America can be proud of in terms of both their demeanor and their values.

It's going to be hard to say "goodbye" to them in 2017.

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