Obama's Never Looked Happier In Adorable Video Of Him And Michelle On The Beach


It's safe to say Barack Obama is taking to citizen life pretty damn well.

Well, if you can call a luxury holiday to an exclusive island “citizen life” — but regardless, the former prez and Michelle are absolutely loving life.

You want proof? Feast your eyes on this cute video of the Obamas taking a stroll along the beach at Necker Island. Tell me this isn't #RelationshipGoals.


You can't. They're perfect.

Barack and Michelle touched down in the Caribbean's beautiful British Virgin Islands last week, and they immediately looked super relaxed.

And if this new video is anything to go by, it looks like they are having THE perfect holiday.

The clip from Necker Island of them walking toward a helicopter emerged on the eighth day of their Caribbean adventure.


You could forgive the couple for being a little annoyed at fellow tourists filming them on vacation — but this is the Obamas, so they happily wave and flash their trademark smiles to the camera as they walk past.

Barack has gone full “dad on vacation” which involves rocking a backwards cap, of course.

When a man wished them a happy vacation, he replied, “Thank you so much.”

Michelle effortlessly pulls off the elegant style we've come to expect from the former first lady, although both wore flip flops.


BTW, that dude with them isn't some lucky competition winner allowed to meet the Obamas — it's eccentric British billionaire Richard Branson, who owns Virgin and (lucky guy) Necker Island.

If you have tens of thousands of dollars to spare, you and a big group of friends can stay at the tropical paradise, where you can enjoy stunning views and feed exotic animals.

Barack probably loves the flamingos.

It's unknown exactly how long the Obamas are spending off the grid, but they've already issued a robust statement explaining they're going to get back to work when they return home.

Come back, guys. We liked America better when you two were in charge.

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