Obama Would Be 'Even More Gray' If He Let Trump Faze Him


President Barack Obama had a lot to say following the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Obama sat down for an interview with Ryan Seacrest the morning after the debate, which he apparently watched from the White House's Treaty Room.

If you remember the intense battle of words on Monday night, you'll recall that Donald Trump took various jabs at President Obama, his presidential legacy and even his personal background.

Newsflash: President Obama is not fazed by much of what comes out of Donald Trump's face. As a matter of fact, Obama has expressed that if he let Trump's words faze him, he'd be "even more gray" by now.

I'm sure Hillary Clinton took the same approach after Hofstra University misspelled her name.

In addition to taking continuous jabs during the heated debate, Donald Trump lacked hard facts and evidence to support his various claims as to why he should run our country.


If anyone took note of that, it was Obama.

The 44th president of the United States spoke to Seacrest, saying,

He then voiced his immense support for Hillary Clinton before referring to Trump as "the other guy."

Obama continued,

As for Hillary? Well, he obviously had very good things to say about the Democratic presidential nominee,

The president then proceeded to stress to listeners how important it is to make sure your voice is heard by voting.

Coincidentally, it's #NationalVoterRegistration day, so make sure you get out there and register. Obama added,

President Obama wrapped up his statement during his interview with Ryan Seacrest, concluding,

You hear that, people?! Do NOT sit out on this thing.

If you haven't watched the first presidential debate yet, please do.

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