Obama Crushes Savage Impression Of Malia And Sasha Texting About Boys


Barack Obama knows the deal.

He knows that Sasha and Malia — probably the two most popular teens in America — are crushing it socially. And because they're crushing it socially, they're sure to have plenty of romantic suitors.

You know what that means? Lots of texts that begin with "girlllllllll."

Actually, Barry O's impersonation is way better. Check out POTUS talking to a whole bunch of high school students and letting them know he's in on how they text.

Yup, that sounds about right.

President Obama had the real-talk moment with the students at Benjamin Banneker Academic High School in Washington, DC, which he visited on Wednesday while highlighting the country's graduation rate rising to an all-time high.

He was late to the stage, though, which prompted this comment:


Obama totally gets it. But, of course, POTUS's coolness only stretches so far. He's 55, mind you, so it wasn't long 'til he had a "back in my day" comment with a bit of low-key shade thrown at the teenagers.

Here was his old geezer moment:

Get out of here, grandpa!

(Actually, please find a way to stay, and don't leave us with either one of those crazy people. I'm not kidding. This is a very serious cry for help xoxo, bye.)

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