Obama Is All Of Our Impatient BFFs Waiting For Bill Clinton To Board A Plane


We've all been in a situation where we're trying to leave but end up waiting for that one friend who just won't stop talking to people.

This is exactly what happened to President Obama as he waited for former President Bill Clinton to board a plane in Israel.

President Obama stood at the door of the plane and pleaded with Clinton to board like the former president was a puppy in a park who didn't want to stop playing.


He said,

Bill! Let's go, I'll take you home!

Poor Obama. This is what he gets for being a good friend.

Luckily, Clinton eventually boarded the plane, to Obama's great relief.


Obama and Clinton were in Israel together to attend the funeral of Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Israeli President Shimon Peres, who is widely considered to be one of Israel's founding fathers.

There were reportedly around 6,000 people in attendance at the funeral.

President Obama delivered a moving eulogy for Peres in which he compared him to leaders like Nelson Mandela and Queen Elizabeth.

The president said,

Shimon's story, the story of Israel, the experience of the Jewish people, I believe it is universal. It's the story of a people who, over so many centuries in the wilderness, never gave up on that basic human longing to return home. It's the story of a people who suffered the boot of oppression and the shutting of the gas chamber's door, and yet never gave up on a belief in goodness. And it's the story of a man who was counted on, and then often counted out, again and again, and who never lost hope... Shimon accomplished enough things in his life for a thousand men

Clinton also spoke at the funeral, where he described Peres as a "wise champion of our common humanity."

Both Clinton and Obama have described Peres as a close friend.

Based on their behavior as they departed Israel, Obama and Clinton are also clearly good buddies, and it's nice they were able to travel alongside one another in order to pay their respects to someone they admired so much.

Friendship makes the world go round.