Obama Violently Head Bangs To Eminem Before A Speech And There's A Video


Many might disagree with President Barack Obama's politics, perhaps with good reason, but we ain't here to talk about that today.

Instead, let's discuss something we all can and should agree on: The 44th President of the United States is quite simply the coolest of our generation, and this backstage moment at the Democratic National Convention emphasizes that point.

In a video showing behind-the-scenes moments from last week's DNC in Philadelphia, the 44th president of the United States is shown bobbing his head to Eminem's "Lose Yourself," seemingly before going on stage to give his speech.

The moment happens around the 58-second mark in the video below.

What makes this even better is President Obama appears to very clearly be doing this specifically to get pumped for his big moment.

It's not like Eminem just happened to be playing on the speakers at the arena. Nope, it actually looks like he had one of his aides play the song from an iPhone.

YouTube/Hillary Clinton

See what I mean?

Besides the sneak peek at how Obama gets ready to drop one of his fire speeches, there are other great moments the video reveals.

There's Bill Clinton watching his wife and presidential nominee Hillary Clinton from backstage, as he sat with Meryl Streep.

YouTube/Hillary Clinton

And there's America Ferrera, fanning herself, perhaps a bit nervous, while waiting to go on stage with Lena Dunham.

YouTube/Hillary Clinton

Besides that, there were many other great moments, like Oprah and Hillary sharing an embrace after the conclusion of the convention, and the deafening roar when Clinton made a surprise entrance to join Barack Obama on stage.

Still, the best of the bunch is President Obama getting hyped by listening to Eminem. Who knew?

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