Nordstrom’s Reason For Dropping Ivanka Line Shows People Are Slyly Trolling Trump

by Alexandra Svokos

Nordstrom has decided to drop the brand of Ivanka Trump, citing changing preferences of the store's customers.

In other words, people got pissed at Ivanka and stopped buying her clothes, so now she's losing Nordstrom's business.

A boycott against Ivanka's brand, which includes shoes, clothes and handbags, began in earnest last fall. This was prompted by the release of the "Access Hollywood" tape showing the now-president bragging about actions considered to be sexual assault.

The boycott movement was started by Shannon Coulter, who named it "Grab Your Wallet" -- a reference to the tape -- and was intended to get department stores to stop stocking Ivanka.

Her boycott appears to still be working.

A Nordstrom spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider its decision to drop the Ivanka brand came from purely business terms, as customer interest in the brand had dropped.

The spokesperson said,

In this case, based on the brand's performance we've decided not to buy it for this season.

In November, Nordstrom said via Twitter offering Ivanka's products was not "us taking a political position." The store said,

We recognize our customers can make choices about what they purchase based on personal views and we'll continue to give them options.

... So, of course, it's not Nordstrom's fault interest dropped for political reasons.

The boycott was prompted over growing anger at Ivanka's complicity with and profiting from the campaign of her father, Donald Trump.


This campaign insulted many people who would be included in Ivanka's customer base, including Muslims, Mexicans, Jews and women, generally.

Sure enough, women put their purchasing power where their mouths are and made real financial change.

Some believe Trump only started the run for president as an ad campaign for his brands. So this blow to Ivanka must be especially painful now that the reality TV star has to also deal with being president.

Other brands are seeing what happens when they appear to show preference to the Trump presidency.

On Thursday night, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick stepped down from Trump's economic advisory board after protest arose over suspicions the app was profiting off support for the president.

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