Nazanin Zinouri Reunites With Her Dog After Trump's Ban Halted

If you're a dog owner (or simply a human being with feelings), you might want to break out some tissues for this story.

Nazanin Zinouri, an Iranian citizen who is a legal resident of the US, was recently barred from boarding a flight from Dubai to Washington, DC.


Due to President Donald Trump's controversial travel ban, which temporarily bars refugees and people from seven predominately Muslim countries — including Iran — from entering the US, she was stranded.

Like thousands of other people impacted by Trump's executive order, Zinouri was completely taken aback when she was not allowed to travel back to the US, where she's lived for the past seven years.

Zinouri, an engineer, obtained her PhD from Clemson University. She's employed in the US and has a work visa.

On January 20, the day Trump was inaugurated, she went back to Tehran to visit family and friends.

She planned on staying there until February 10, CNN reports, but rushed back when Trump signed the executive order on January 27.

Zinouri made it to Dubai, where she was ultimately told she wouldn't be allowed to return to the US and was flown back to Tehran.

John Haltiwanger

In a viral post to Facebook, Zinouri said,

But then things changed,

She was completely blindsided by all of this,

She had an entire life in the US, and with the stroke of a pen it was taken away,

Donald Trump's travel ban has been temporarily halted, and green card holders and people with work visas (like Zinouri) have been allowed to return to the US.

Zinouri landed in Boston on Sunday, where she was reunited with the adorable dog she was worried she might never see again.

The pictures of this reunion are incredibly touching.


It's sad that Zinouri had to go through this ordeal.

But, thankfully, she is back in the US and has her best pal at her side again.

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