Mother-Daughter Duos Attend The Women’s March Together


Women all over the world joined together on January 21 for the Women's March. People of all generations united in Washington DC and hundreds of other cities.

I went to DC with my mom and aunt. We all went to Barack Obama's 2009 inauguration together, so it felt really fitting for us feminists to be with each other for this event.

We met up with my sister, who was volunteering, making it an extra meaningful show of togetherness. It felt like we were there for each other — and for women all over the country.

I quickly found out I wasn't the only woman marching with my mother.

Here are 11 mother-daughter duos who went to the Women's March on Washington together (and full disclosure, some of these women are my friends).

"This march is a pledge to each other."

Mariel O'Connell

Mariel and Pam O'Connell drove to DC from New York City.

"We believe in an America that lives up to its ideals."

Gretchen Gardner

Gretchen came from Los Angeles and her mother, Christina, from Virginia. They hosted a breakfast the morning of the March.

"We know that love trumps hate."

Camille Richardson

Camille lives in New York and joined her mother, Anita Friday, in Pennsylvania to travel to the March. They traveled with Anita's book club.

"It was so empowering."

Annie Baldridge

Annie traveled from Vancouver to march with her mother, Mary Baldridge.

"I hope that that energy can be put to daily/weekly acts."

Deborah Peltz

Deborah, who lives in Chicago, signed up for the March on Washington as soon as she heard about it — before the Chicago March was announced. She joined her daughter, Madeline, who lives in DC.

"We must act in the face of injustice."

Rosie Lourentzatos

Rosie and her mother, Connie, traveled to DC from New York.

"Civic engagement is really important to both of us."

Maddy Wilson

Maddy traveled from New York and joined her mother, Jennie Smith Wilson, who traveled from New Jersey.

"We will not be silent."

Morgan Cross

Morgan came to the march from Maryland and joined her mother, Pam Harries, from Virginia.

"My mom and I marched to celebrate a historic moment."

Paige Nichols

Paige traveled from Buenos Aires, Argentina, to join her mom, Debbie Nichols, at the March.

"I am filled with hope as I see the next generation of women rise up."

Molly Cain

Molly marched with her mother, Dr. Mary Eagle from Delaware. They marched with Molly's cousin and aunt, who came from Vermont and New York, respectively.

"To show them the importance of standing up for their rights."

Janie Jackson

Janie traveled from Virginia with her daughters Caroline, Lauren and Anna.