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Melania Trump Tweets Chelsea Clinton To Thank Her For Defending Barron


If you need proof that some issues transcend political rivalries, this story is the one. On Tuesday night, Aug. 23, Melania Trump tweeted at Chelsea Clinton for defending Barron Trump after a conservative website published a story criticizing the 11-year-old for how he dresses. The first lady wrote,

Just a day before, Clinton had publicly criticized the writer of the story, which was published by The Daily Caller and implored Barron Trump to "dress the part" of a president's son.

The article was roundly slammed, but most notably by Clinton, who put a spotlight on the article when she tweeted,

That Melania Trump specifically highlighted "childhood bullying" in her tweet is of note as well. Even before the presidential election concluded, First Lady Trump had announced that combatting bullying would be one of her main focuses in the White House.

At the time, Trump said,

It's no wonder, then, why she was inclined to go out of her way to respond to Clinton's defense of Barron Trump.

If anything, Clinton and Trump teaming together on this issue is proof that -- no matter what  -- there are just certain subjects that will always bring us together so we can hold hands and declare in unison: that was dumb as hell.

Clearly, the article about Barron was dumb as well.