Melania Trump Finally Addresses Immigration Status, But One Question Remains

People suggested Melania Trump came to America illegally, so she presented a letter from one of Donald Trump's lawyers to prove them wrong.

In defense of the potential first lady of the United States, Attorney Michael J. Wildes wrote,

It has been suggested by various media outlets that in 1995, Mrs. Trump illegally worked as a model in the United States while on a visitor visa. Following a review of her relevant immigration paperwork, I can unequivocally state that these allegations are not supported by the record, and are therefore completely without merit.

Melania posted the note in full on Twitter, saying she was "pleased" to release the information.

The questions surrounding Melania's emigration from Europe to the United States largely stem from a New York Post article written in July, which published nude photos of the former model from the '90s.

The article, which also quoted Donald Trump, claimed the photos were taken in a shoot that took place in New York City in 1995. That claim is what sparked suspicion since the Post's timeline is in clear conflict with Melania Trump's assertion she first came to the states in 1996.

Wildes was adamant, however, in shutting all the rumors down. He wrote,

It has further been alleged by different media outlets that Mrs. Trump violated US immigration laws by participating in a 1995 photo shoot in New York City for the French magazine Max. Again, such reports are not supported by the facts. Because Mrs. Trump did not enter the United States until August 27, 1996, the allegation that she participated in a photo shoot is not only untrue, it is impossible.

No matter how strong the words, Wildes' letter isn't likely to stop the speculation for a multitude of reasons. One of the most obvious reasons? The attorney's letter says Melania didn't enter the US 'til August 1996. The New York Post, however, says the photos in Max were published in a January 1996 issue of the magazine.

And since Donald Trump began his campaign by taking a strong anti-illegal immigration stance, the opportunity for his critics to claim hypocrisy still presents itself.

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