Martin Shkreli Went To Congress And Was Really F*cking Annoying

Martin Shkreli was invited to testify in Congress on Thursday morning about drug pricing -- something he would know about since he's the assh*le who increased the price of a life-saving drug by 5,500 percent.

Shkreli, who was arrested for securities fraud in December, showed up in Congress allegedly to discuss the drug market, but instead he continued his ways by discussing... nothing, effectively wasting our government's time.

Shkreli's time in Congress began with Rep. Jason Chaffetz asking if he had an opening statement. Shkreli said,

Chaffetz started asking questions, beginning with what Shkreli would say to a low-income pregnant woman who needs the drug he jacked the price up on.

Shkreli answered, in what would become his refrain in Congress,

When Chaffetz was done, Rep. Trey Gowdy was up next to ask questions. He started strong, asking for the proper pronunciation of Shkreli's name, and Shkreli answered,

Gowdy said,

Gowdy asked if Shkreli understood he can answer more questions without being incriminated. Shkreli's legal counsel leaned forward and whispered to him. After listening, Shkreli answered Gowdy,

Gowdy tried again,

And Shkreli answered,

Shkreli laughed. Cummings asked if he was listening, and Shkreli gave another actual answer,

Shkreli continued to laugh and scoff at Cummings.

Finally, Chaffetz took over again, asking,

Shkreli said yes.

And Chaffetz asked that he be excused from Congress, having Shkreli escorted out.

Somehow, Shkreli managed to make a congressional hearing even more useless than usual.

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