Little Girl Dodges Creepy Kiss From Trump: 'Bring Her, She's So Beautiful'

Ten days after video emerged of Donald Trump saying when he sees beautiful women, he "just starts kissing them" and "doesn't even wait," Trump kissed a little girl without even waiting onstage at a rally.

During a rally in Wisconsin on Monday night, Trump brought a child up on stage, saying,

Come on, bring her. So beautiful.

The little girl came up to him on the stage and he picked her up. He asks the girl to say her name to the microphone and point out her parents in the crowd. Trump said,

Wow, congratulations. What a job! What a beautiful person you are.

The child says thank you, and then Trump leans over and kisses her on the cheek. She's clearly cringing a little bit as he kisses her the first time.

Oh, that's right, he didn't stop at one kiss.

As the crowd cheered, Trump, who is facing multiple allegations of unwanted kissing and groping, moved in to kiss her again.

This time, his kiss was heading toward the child's lips. She turned her head away and wriggled out of his arms.

As Trump was kissing children without their consent in front of a public audience, his wife, Melania, was defending the "Access Hollywood" "grab her by the pussy" tape as "boy talk."

In any other context, and for almost any other politician, this might have been seen as just a moment of embarrassment or maybe kind of cute — because children.

But as the allegations of assault are piling up against Trump, this just comes across as super uncomfortable and gross.

Trump likes to make fun of the "political correctness culture," which teaches children lessons about consent, including that you should not hug or kiss or otherwise touch someone if they are not OK with you touching them.

Maybe Trump could learn a thing or two from those kindergarten classrooms he hates so much.

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