Justin Trudeau Reveals Why He Loves His Mom So Much And OMG Just Stop

by Alexandra Svokos

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau talked about the positive influence his mother has had on him during the Women in the World Summit in New York City on Thursday, April 6.

A lot of focus is placed on the influence of Trudeau's father, Pierre, who was also the prime minister of Canada, so it makes sense that people would be curious about his influence on his son.

But Trudeau's mother, Margaret, was also — obviously — hugely important to the prime minister and a large part of how he turned into the incredible man we see today.


During Trudeau's campaign for prime minister in 2015, he was criticized for being so close to his mother. His opponents said he's "his mother's son" as if it was a bad thing.

"And I'd say, 'Yes, thank you, I'm so proud of that,'" Trudeau said on Thursday.

Margaret Trudeau has bipolar disorder and has been going around Canada to raise awareness for mental health. She also wrote a book, "Changing My Mind," about her experience with the disease.

The prime minister said,

Her strength and her sense of justice and her brilliance has shone through in her as a mother all her life, and now finally she's being able to share that with her books and her stories, and I'm just so incredibly proud to be her son.

With his mother's mental health and the pressure on his family with his father serving as prime minister, Trudeau did face challenges growing up.

But, he said on Thursday, "everyone goes through difficult times in their lives," and his parents also granted him a very privileged upbringing.

Trudeau received a great education and was able to travel and learn about the world with his father as prime minister. He said,

The way I was raised was to say 'OK,' not to quote Spiderman, but, 'If you're lucky enough to be given opportunities, you need to do right by them.'

He said when you're given advantages,

You have a greater responsibility to have a positive impact with those things you were given to shape the world, and to make the great balance work out that the universe [is] right in randomly investing a little more in you.

So there you have it from the man himself: Trudeau is, indeed, a superhero.