This Former Congressman Just Declared War On President Obama

by Alexandra Svokos

Former Congressman Joe Walsh had probably the worst possible reaction to the Dallas shooting.

Five police officers were killed during a protest against police shootings on Thursday night. Seven officers were wounded, as well as two civilians.

This should be a time when we all come together peacefully and recognize that the solution to violence is not more violence. Instead, Walsh took the exact opposite route.

Walsh's tweet faced criticism almost as soon as he posted it. Soon enough, he deleted it. But we all know that with the internet, nothing goes away forever.

Walsh literally declared war on President Barack Obama and the Black Lives Matter movement. To be clear, the message of the Black Lives Matter movement was never to kill cops, as many people pointed out last night.

Although Walsh deleted that particular tweet, he is continuing to send garbage thoughts into the internet. He is blaming the killings on Obama, and repeatedly saying that this now constitutes as "war."

The Black Lives Matter movement is not about killing cops; it's about getting equal treatment for all people from law enforcement. It's about ensuring that innocent people's lives don't end because of discrimination and risky practices.

For this to work, there must be mutual respect on all sides: from both civilians and officers. We need to come together to recognize that.

Walsh's reaction is wrong, racist, attention-mongering and dangerous. We can't let voices like that win.