Joe Biden Says He Would Run For President If These Four Things Happened


Joe Biden has set the terms for his comeback.

The former vice president outlined a bucket list of accomplishments he'd need to achieve in order to feel comfortable running for president while speaking at a SALT conference in Las Vegas. He said,

If I get those four things done and I'm healthy and viable and it looks like I'm the best person to do it, I may very well do it.

Those "four things" include writing his book and getting a beach home that he promised to his wife over four decades ago, according to Fox Business.

Biden's comments came only after he was pushed on the subjects multiple times, Fox Business reports. His initial answer was much more reserved and indicated that he was leaning towards staying out of the political arena.

When asked the first time whether he'd consider running for president in 2020, Biden said,

Could I? Yes. Would I? Probably no.

Biden had been considered a potential contender for the 2016 presidential race, up until he announced in October 2015 that he'd stay out of the Democratic primary.


His decision cleared the lane for Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to go head to head for the Democratic nomination.

And though he supported and campaigned for Clinton, who served with him during Barack Obama's administration, Biden revealed he always thought he himself would have been a better prospect for the presidency.

He said at the SALT conference,

I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate.

Bided did, however, stress that "Hillary would have been a really good president," according to CNN.

Biden's latest comments about a potential run for the White House represented a shift from his previous comments on the same subject.

During an appearance on Late Night with Stephen Colbert in December, the former VP said he wouldn't run in 2020.

For his supporters, though, this might be one time they don't mind a flip-flop from a politician.

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