Everyone's Trolling Sessions With Old Bill Clinton Video Amid Russia Scandal

by John Haltiwanger

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in hot water right now because of a topic continuing to plague President Donald Trump and his administration: Russia.

While Sessions was still a senator, he met with the Russian ambassador twice amid the US presidential campaign, despite testifying he "did not have communications with the Russians" during his confirmation hearing to be attorney general, The Washington Post reports.

Top Democrats are now calling on Sessions to resign, and many are calling for a perjury investigation.

It just so happens, Sessions was very vocal about the topic of perjury back in 1999 amid the Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky scandal.

This was when Clinton famously said,

I did not have sexual relations with that woman.

People are now trolling Sessions and the Trump administration with a video of him on C-SPAN speaking about Clinton.

Sessions said,

I am concerned about a president, under oath, being alleged to have committed perjury. There are serious allegations that that occurred. In America, in the Supreme Court, the American people believe no one is above the law. The president has gotten himself into this fix that is very serious.

It seems Sessions has now gotten himself "into this fix," and it's also definitely very serious.

As he said, "The American people believe no one is above the law."

Even C-SPAN tweeted the video.

At this point, it's hard to say what happens next for Sessions.

Top Republicans have called on him to recuse himself from overseeing an inquiry into the Trump campaign's contacts with Russia/Russian interference in the 2016 election.

While speaking to NBC News, Sessions indicated he's willing to recuse himself "whenever it's appropriate."

This all comes not long after Michael Flynn resigned as national security adviser in relation to his contacts with the Russian government.

Whether Sessions will meet the same fate — or more serious consequences — remains to be seen.

But one thing is for sure: Trump's relationship with Russia will continue to be a major topic, as it has been for the past several months.

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