Ivanka Trump's Getting Her Own Alcohol And Taking The Party Crown From Tiffany


It looks like Ivanka Trump's merchandise is about to move from the Nordstrom sales racks to the shelves of your local liquor store.

Apparently, the president's daughter might be getting her own alcohol and it'll officially make her the most badass member of the Trump family.

Drink up, America! Pour yourself a shot of Ivanka!

The funny thing about Ivanka's new alcoholic business endeavors is she has absolutely nothing to do with the booze that's about to be labeled with her name.

Do you want to know what's even funnier?

Merchandizers hope to trademark the alcohol in China... and we all know how much her father, Donald, loves China.

It's been reported dozens of businesses in China have submitted applications to trademark the name "Ivanka" for their products, and alcohol is included on the list.

According to the national trademark office, at least 65 applications to trademark the president's daughter's name have been submitted in Beijing alone.

I guess businesses in different countries definitely aren't afraid to use Ivanka's name in their stores.

Many of the applications that were submitted to use Ivanka's name on their boozy bevs haven't been processed yet, but the likelihood of businesses being allowed to use the name seems high.

When it comes to trademarking foreign names, Chinese law is lenient. However, this often leads to controversy when the individual (aka Ivanka) isn't contacted.

If Ivanka doesn't like the type of alcohol her name ends up being plastered across, I can't even imagine the tweet that her father will send out.

Liquor stores: Beware to be Twitter-trolled.

Other businesses in China that hope to trademark Ivanka's name for their products sell wallpaper, cosmetics, sanitary napkins and nutritional products.

According to South China Morning Post, Ivanka become popular within the Chinese community after she visited the Chinese Embassy during the lunar New Year, which could explain why so many businesses hope to use her name on their products.

If they do end up naming an alcohol after her, I bet there will be a stock of the beverage in the White House kitchen.

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