Hillary 101: A No-Nonsense Guide To The Vince Foster Scandal


Hillary Clinton is tied to a few "scandal" buzzwords that can be used against her. Some of these scandals are legitimate concerns, others are mean conspiracy theories and most fall in between the spectrum.

Elite Daily is explaining them to you as quickly as possible, along with some analysis on how much you should care about each one.

What happened:

Vince Foster was a White House aide and longtime Clinton friend and associate. He ended up at the center of some controversies during the early part of Bill Clinton's presidency.

In July 1993, Foster was found dead in a park in Virginia. His death was ruled a suicide.

What people say about it:

Conspiracy theorists have been trying for two decades to prove that the Clintons killed Foster because he "knew too much" about whatever.

Five separate investigations, including by the United States Park Police, the House and the Senate, all ruled that Foster committed suicide.

Trump brought Foster's death up this year, saying that people think it was murder.

Should it matter in the election?


Foster's sister, Sheila Foster Anthony, wrote in May that Trump was "wrong," "cruel" and "irresponsible" to float the conspiracy that her brother was killed.

Anthony detailed how she witnessed her brother suffering from depression while he was in Washington, DC. His position was very stressful, especially with the controversies, and he was constantly working very hard.

Anthony said he was unable to sleep, work or think straight. A few days before he died, she wrote, he called her up and told her he needed help dealing with depression.

Anthony wrote,

These outrageous suggestions [that he was killed] have caused our family untold pain because this issue went on for so long and these reports were so painful to read.

Suicides almost always look "fishy," as Trump described Foster's death.

And, speaking from personal experience, many loved ones of those who commit suicide want to hold out hope that it could not possibly have been suicide, because that is a very painful concept to accept.

These conspiracy theories are mean and cause pain to Foster's family, as his sister explained. His death should not be part of this election.

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