Global Warming: Overpopulation And Pollution

by Sean Levinson

While the likelihood of man-made global warming may be an increasingly debatable issue, most would agree that there is definitely something screwed up with our atmosphere, regardless of who or what is responsible for it.

Reports from around the globe along with our personal lives seem to give off the impression that the world is becoming more and more of a naturally unhealthy, unsafe place to live. Bible-hugging freaks tell us that the world is coming to an end, and when they are asked for evidence to support such a bold claim, the usual reply is just to take a look around.

No, the world is not going to end, at least anytime soon. But it is safe to say that the destructive weather, abundance of disease and dramatic changes in environmental cycles do suggest that the earth is indeed rotting to death right before our eyes.

The most obvious form of evidence regarding atmospheric dysfunction is the myriad of natural disasters that have killed thousands of people just over the past ten or so years alone. Human beings construct civilizations in places that are supposed to be safe to live in.

We used to think that only deserts, jungles or mountain ranges were the type of locations that were plagued with the most harmful assaults of rain or wind imaginable. For one reason or another, this is no longer the case.

The damage done by hurricanes to the United States in the 90s and 00s is nothing short of horrific. Hurricane Ike, Hurricane Sandy, and Hurricane Katrina…the list goes on. Cities and towns are literally torn apart by torrential weather that its residents never could have predicted would come their way.

The kind of havoc nature usually brings upon on the South has somehow migrated further North. No one living in Long Island, New York could have foreseen that in the year 2012, hundreds of families would lose their homes or cars due to such massive amounts of rain and flooding.

Then there’s the earthquakes happening left and right overseas. One happened just a few days ago in Iran that killed 30 people. So many people died in Haiti in 2008 thanks to the never-before-seen combination of four different hurricanes and a disturbingly powerful earthquake.

The African continent was ravaged into a post-apocalyptic graveyard that would not have been able to recreate itself had it not been for the gracious support from America and several other nations. Three years later was the Japanese Tsunami that was caused by the largest earthquake in existence (seriously).

Each disaster seems to break the record for casualties and overall destruction wherever it chooses to strike. This isn’t just because the population of these areas is obviously growing higher every day. It’s because the power of these storms and earthquakes are of levels the earth has never witnessed before.

Are we just supposed to expect that for every year that goes by, we’re going to see an even more terrifying natural disaster than the last one? Natural disasters are more abundant than ever, at the same time that there are more people than ever inhabiting the earth.

We’re procreating like bunnies but we’re also dropping like flies due to natural disasters in record numbers! It doesn’t take a scientist to suspect that the former might just have something to do with the latter.

Another observation that suggests the earth’s atmospheric demise is how many people have cancer and other life-threatening diseases in this day and age. It is no longer uncommon to have an immediate family member or a friend with an immediate family member who has some sort of potentially life-threatening disease.

The scariest part is, many cancer victims do not smoke cigarettes or even have a history of their specific disease in their families. People who eat organic, exercise every day and should have the healthiest blood imaginable are getting cancer. This is simply not supposed to happen and doctors cannot explain why.

Is our blood just naturally mutating in this negative direction or is there something in the atmosphere that is polluting our insides after we are exposed to it?

Keep in mind, this could all be caused by the fact that there are tons of harmful chemicals in our food these days. But for the sake of this article’s thesis….

We know that the earth is more polluted than ever before because there are more people living in it than ever before. Our unnecessarily large cars and growing industrial complexes put a tremendous amount of smoke and cancerous gases in the air, so much to the point where our vision of formerly observable distances has been obstructed by pollution.

The population is only going to grow to even more startling amounts as time goes by so we can expect more harmful things to enter the atmosphere. But sooner or later, preferably sooner, the effects of this overwhelming pollution will catch up to us.

Some would argue that it already has, given that so many people are being stricken with cancer through no cause but being a living, breathing human being on this dirty old planet.

This brings us to global warming. Arguing for man-made global warming usually revolves around the unnatural direction the biological world has taken as of late. Glaciers are melting, the oceans are getting warmer, animals are changing their migration patterns and the temperatures of numerous regions have risen and dropped at unforeseen, unnatural rates.

Global warming entails that the harmful gases we release into the atmosphere get trapped there and then make their way back down when they aren’t able to float any higher. The foreseen results of global warming are what many believe is the reason for the abundance of cancer in the human race along with the weather changes that influence our onslaught of terrible storms.

These gases and chemicals alter the weather and the air we breathe in, and there are so many people on this earth that the amount of dangerous elements could seriously outnumber the amount of natural air our bodies are used to inhaling.

The long-term effects of letting the problems with the atmosphere escalate range from land masses in the arctic melting and numerous animals becoming extinct. Thousands of people dying for no good reason, however, it seems like a drastic enough observation to think that something should be done. The growing population is causing the weather and the air to change for the worse.

But maybe it isn’t just the growing population that is causing these changes. Maybe it’s what the human population is doing to the earth. The point is, unless we at least attempt to fix the problems with the atmosphere, all that awaits us is more unnecessary death due to our flagrant ignorance.

Sean Levinson | Elite.