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Super Tuesday Proved Donald Trump Must Be Taken Seriously

Donald Trump absolutely dominated on Super Tuesday. As of approximately 11:30 pm EST on Tuesday night, Trump won six states: Georgia, Virginia, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts and Arkansas.

Like it or not, the controversial real estate mogul is commanding the Republican vote. In case you were hoping he'd just fizzle out and disappear, I'm sorry to tell you this, but it's time to take him seriously.

He might be openly condoning bigoted and xenophobic perspectives, but Trump is not going anywhere.

Indeed, in spite of the fact he's arguably nothing more than a demagogue, it's clear millions of voters find Trump's rhetoric and proposed policies very appealing.

It seems Trump is winning not due to a coherent set of policies (because he's flip-flopped continuously), but due to the fact he's successfully tapped into palpable anger among large segments of Americans.

To those who support him, Trump represents a refreshing alternative to the status quo. These individuals appear less concerned with the substance of Trump's campaign (or lack thereof), and more attracted to the anti-establishment sentiments surrounding it.

If any candidate has any hope of presenting a realistic challenge to him, they need to begin to understand this. Attacking Trump on policy is obviously not working. If you want to take him out, address the anger and fear driving his campaign.

Simply put, defeating Trump is more a matter of understanding his supporters than understanding him.