Donald Trump Is Starting To Losing Support From Republicans, New Polls Show

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On Monday morning, Aug. 7, Donald Trump reassured supporters on Twitter that his base is stronger than ever before, regardless of what "fake news" polls have to say. By Monday night, as an analysis from the Washington Post shows, even newer polls were released and showed the president's base is actually displaying signs of fracture. Put simply, the numbers indicate President Trump is losing support from Republicans.

An Investors Business Daily poll released on Monday night shows that Trump's approval among Republicans has dropped from above 80 percent to 71 percent in August.

Meanwhile, a CNN poll released around the same time shows that while 83 percent of Republicans approve of the job Trump is doing at the White House, the number of GOP voters who "strongly approve" has dropped from 73 percent in February to 59 percent now. That same CNN poll also showed another unfavorable result for the president, finding that a vast majority of respondents don't trust the administration.

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The two aforementioned polls come a week after another unfavorable poll for the president, this time from Quinnipiac University, whose poll showed only 53 percent of Republican voters strongly approve of Trump's performance.

Trump had already been facing low approval ratings overall, with many polls showing him at below 40 percent approval and above 55 percent disproval. However, those low numbers can mostly be attributed to the severe lack of support for Trump among independents and Democrats.

For instance, according to CNN's latest poll, only 6 percent of respondents who lean Democrat approve of the president's performance.  A significant drop in support from GOP voters in such polls, therefore, is more significant.

Needless to say, the numbers regarding Trump's support among Republicans this week contradict the president's assertion about his base's strength, which he shared on Twitter.

Despite his criticism, Trump's opinion of polls has followed a similar pattern to that of his views on news reports using unnamed. Despite criticizing stories that use anonymous sources, the president shared a report that used anonymous sources itself.

Similarly, despite his negative talk about polling, the president had a habit of boasting about poll numbers while he was campaigning for the Republican primaries.

These days, those same polls are telling a different story, though: President Trump's approval ratings are hitting all-time lows and his support among within the GOP might not be as strong as he says.