Twitter Wonders What Donald Trump's Sniffling Was All About


For whatever the reason, which Twitter will gladly hypothesize, Donald Trump took to the podium at the first presidential debates on Monday night with quite a lot of sniffing.

Some are assuming that his claims that Clinton is too sickly to be president of the United States after her pneumonia diagnosis are coming back to bite him because of karma.

Could it be that Trump is feeling a bit under the weather at the debate?

Others think that the sniffing's origins were quite different as the debates raged on Monday night.

Regardless, there's already a Twitter account dedicated to the sniff.

Twitter, we hope you never change.

On top of this person seeing a joke and running away with it before anyone else, many others commented on Trump's sniffing.

His healthcare should cover medicine, no?

*Sips tea.*

We don't want to bump the point...

It's only a matter of time before there's a video compilation of the Trump Sniff.

Wait, is Donald Trump not immortal as I'm sure he promised a number of people?

All politicians are a lizard people alien race?

Do you think Trump is sponsored by a tissue company?

Honestly, it is hard to focus on anything that isn't the now iconic SNIFF.

A drinking game rule we didn't see coming.

Does Trump play poker? Maybe he shouldn't.

The first presidential debate was held at Hofstra University in New York, moderated by NBC's Lester Holt.

On October 9, Martha Raddatz of ABC and Anderson Cooper of CNN will moderate the town hall in St. Louis.

Chris Wallace will be the first FOX reporter to moderate a presidential debate and will cover the final debate on October 19 in Las Vegas.

Elaine Quijano, a CBS News correspondent, will moderate the vice-presidential debate on October 4.