Trump Posted A Proud Pic Of His Staff And Everyone's Roasting Him For Same Reason

by Alexandra Svokos

Donald Trump is getting roasted on Twitter for a picture he posted from the Oval Office of the White House.

Late Thursday night, Trump posted an image on Twitter using a simple caption,


So that wasn't what got people all up in arms.

Rather, it was the content of the picture. Can you figure it out?


Well, see, in this group of people surrounding Trump, there's something very blatant going on...


Oh yes, that's right, it's a whole bunch of white people sitting around that Oval Office deciding what happens in the United States of America.

After eight years of an Obama presidency, it's a pretty glaring sight to see.

But there's one more issue in the picture. Did you notice?


Ah, yes, the female factor. There is just one (white) woman in this picture of the people who get to decide what happens in an America that is basically split 50-50 by gender.

People on Twitter were angrily amused.


As they tend to do, they responded to Trump (and his supporters) to call out the glaring problems of the White House picture.


Some made reference to Trump's Black History Month Frederick Douglass blunder.


While others were slightly perturbed by Vice President Mike Pence's rule-breaking sartorial choices.


This was yet another troubling optics situation from the Trump White House.

A few weeks ago, Trump was blasted for signing the reinstitution of the "Global Gag Rule," which hurts abortion access around the globe, surrounded by just a bunch of white men.

Because, you know, when you want someone to make an informed decision about abortion access for foreign women in conflict zones, you ask the old white dudes.

In the newest picture, Trump was signing a bill to undo an Obama rule that protected American waterways from coal mining waste.

Trump called that water protection "another terrible job-killing rule." So we may not have clean water, but hey, at least we've saved those coal mining jobs.

Thanks, a bunch of white men and one white woman. Keep those thumbs up.

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