Donald Trump's WWE-Style RNC Entrance Will Give You Nightmares


Just when you'd cleansed your mind of all things Donald Trump, we give you more nightmarish material sure to haunt your slumber.

So the big man made an appearance at the Republican National Convention on Monday night. But for once, it wasn't his obnoxious and misplaced speech making the headlines. It was his entrance.

It's hard to put into words, but it's sort of like magical-meets-creepy-meets-WWE with a bit of X-Files thrown in there. And there was Queen music... because why not?

Watch it here:

See what I mean?! The mist, that silhouette, those moving lights. What the hell did we just witness? No one on Twitter was too sure.

A lot of people were loving the resemblance between Trump and the wrestling greats:

Donald Trump Doing An Undertaker Entrance — WWE (@WWE_NEWS_NBC) July 19, 2016

Some wanted to throw a Pokémon ball at him:

Others thought he was an extraterrestrial:

Then this happened:

Oh, what a time we live in. Keep slayin', Twitter. You the real MVP.