Donald Trump Just Retweeted An Eclipse Meme About Obama And Twitter Is Pissed

Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images

If you thought the latest solar eclipse was underwhelming, don't worry. There's a new one in town, and it's so much more fascinating. On Thursday morning, Aug. 24, President Donald Trump tweeted an Obama eclipse meme showing his face hovering over former President Barack Obama's with the caption, "THE BEST ECLIPSE EVER!"

As ever, Trump's retweeting of the meme drew lots of attention and, of course, negative reactions.

One commenter wrote,

Only a very twisted narcissist with a very fragile ego would retweet this bizarro meme.

Another user reacted,

Eclipses have no positive impact on earth, while the Sun is what provides the entire world with life! Keep that in mind.

Safe to say, they are not Trump fans.

Anyway, besides the fact that Trump's tweet pissed some people off some people who already hated him (what else is new?) there's so many more interesting and hilarious points to be brought up about the president retweeting this meme.

First off, it's a president retweeting a meme, which is still taking some getting used to.

Second, there's the fact that Trump casually retweeted the meme in the midst of his usual morning routine: blasting political opponents, which hilariously now includes Republican leader Mitch McConnell, a guy the president absolutely needs on his side.

Then there's the fact that eclipses don't even last that long, which is a point that is so convenient for so many jokes.

But none of those jokes are funnier than the fact that the guy actually retweeted this:


Now, at this point, we actually could make a serious pivot in this conversation and talk about how Trump actually is -- in a sense -- eclipsing Obama's legacy with a series of executive orders meant to undo much of the former president's work.

But there's no time for that now. A weird moment just happened in this presidency and it's best you all laugh (or cry, your choice).