These Trump Super Fans Threw Him The Most Bizarre Birthday Party Ever

A group of Donald Trump super fans in India threw the presumed Republican presidential nominee a birthday party today.

Tuesday, June 14, is Trump's 70th birthday, so pack away all your 69 jokes. To celebrate, a right-wing group called Hindu Sena threw a party in New Delhi.

The party was held at Jantar Mantar, a landmark in the Indian city. The group donned party hats and sang "Happy Birthday." They had a three-tier cake, balloons and even a live performance.

Hindu Sena president, Vishnu Gupta, told reporters,

We wish that he lives for thousands of years and wipes out Islamic terrorism from the entire world.

They also had a picture of Trump holding a gun.

The group invited people to come celebrate the birthday of the "saviour of humanity."

The members of Hindu Sena are big Trump supporters. They threw a "havan" to pray for his success in the elections last month, according to Indian Express.

Trump has, unbelievably, not tweeted about what he's doing for his birthday, but we're sure it has something to do with congratulating himself and talking about how he's the greatest, smartest, manliest man.

For what it's worth, when I visited India in March, the people I spoke to laughed Trump off, but said his bigotry was more or less what they expected from a majority of Americans, who then went on to vote him to the Republican nomination.

Great work, fam.

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