Everyone Is Creeped Out Over This Confusing Photo Of Donald Trump's VP

Do you believe in vampires? Of course you don't, but after you see this photo of Donald Trump's vice presidential running mate, Indiana Governor Mike Pence, you'll be having second thoughts.

While making campaign rounds in New York, the governor tweeted a photo of himself and his family eating at Chili's.

First, let's all excuse the fact he and his family chose to eat at Chili's. There were many places they could've chosen to eat, and they chose Chili's. I personally am not a fan, but whatever. They can do what they want. There are definitely worse things, LIKE THE FACT HIS DAUGHTER IS A VAMPIRE!

Yes, Mike Pence's daughter Charlotte is possibly a vampire. Check out the photo for proof.

In the photo, you'll note the governor himself, his wife, Karen, and his daughter Charlotte who is wearing white. You'll also note the family is sitting next to what appears to be a mirror.

The reflections of the governor and his wife are clear as day, but as a few eagle-eyed people on Twitter pointed out, there's no reflection of his daughter!

Vampires don't have reflections, and Charlotte doesn't have a reflection, so ipso facto, she's a vampire.

That, or she was hidden behind her dad and that's why her reflection doesn't show up. Meh, I'm sticking with vampire, even though this election doesn't need any more crazy stories.

But, this isn't the first bizarre story to come out about Mike Pence.

It appears the governor's been mad busy ever since Donald Trump announced him as his vice president. He definitely has his work cut out for him, as he's already been the subject of at least one meme: the Trump-Pence campaign logo, which people noted looked very sexual, to say the least.

Not only that, but everything the governor hs ever done is also now under the microscope of the national media, and it seems like people haven't really liked what he's been doing in Indiana.

He cut Planned Parenthood funding and passed a bill basically permitting discrimination against LGBTQ+ people, among other things.

Yup, it seems this roller coaster ride of an election year isn't over yet. Good luck, Governor Pence, and good luck with your daughter being a vampire. Remember: Vampires hate garlic and can be killed with wooden stakes.

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