Contentious Georgia Election Is Full Of Dinosaur Costumes For Some Reason

Andrea Ferrard / Twitter

If Democrats end up winning Georgia's big special election on Tuesday, June 20, they just might have dinosaurs to thank.

No, really.

Supporters of 30-year-old congressional candidate Jon Ossoff, who is running against Republican Karen Handel to become the representative for Georgia's sixth Congressional District, have been dressing up in actual dinosaur costumes while campaigning for the Democratic candidate.

According to The Nation, the costumes are all a part of a unique set of tactics used by the grassroots organization, Pave It Blue, which is led by liberal women who living in Georgia.

The group lines its "Ossoff for Congress" signs in vaseline in glitter, so as to dissuade opposers from removing the signs, lest they be because glazed in glitter.

Pave It Blue also calls its member "ninjas", decorates campaign signs with American flags so people won't burn the signs down, and, yes, dress up like dinosaurs...a lot.

So yeah, it's definitely a thing; a fitting thing, even.

After all, the last time a Democrat won the House race for Georgia's sixth Congressional District was practically when dinosaurs were around.

The district has voted red in House races since the 1979 election of former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, who famously pushed for Bill Clinton's impeachment.

The district also voted for Republicans in the last six presidential elections.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Much of the reason the district is even a possibility for Democrats on Tuesday night is because of President Donald Trump.

It's not only because the president plucked former Representative Tom Price from the sixth Congressional District to become Health Secretary, which triggered this special election in the first place.

It's because of the president's politics, which seems to have prompted a liberal wave in "GA-6," making the race a tight one.

Karin Agard, a member of Pave It Blue, told CBS News the efforts to elect Ossoff are all about Trump, saying,

All of it is President Trump. I don't think they represent me or my family. And I need someone in office to create some balance and represent me.

So, Pave It Blue members are now campaigning for Ossoff and doing it with the apparently effective help of dinosaur costumes.

2017, what a year.