Local Community Responds To The Tragic Shooting At UCC In Oregon

by John Haltiwanger

The US has become far too accustomed to mass shootings, particularly at schools, a fact we were once again reminded of on Thursday following reports of an active shooter situation at Umpqua Community College (UCC) in Roseburg, Oregon.

JUST IN: Active shooter reported at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Reports of multiple wounded (via @MrCampbell17) — Michael Skolnik (@MichaelSkolnik) October 1, 2015

It's not yet clear how many were killed or wounded, but some preliminary reports claim up to 10 are dead, while others say 15. Regardless of the exact count, any loss of life is tragic.

Oregon State Police: preliminary reports of 10 dead at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg OR, active shooter situation — Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) October 1, 2015
NEW: 15 dead in Umpqua Community College Shooting, according to @KATUNews. #uccshooting — Jeff Landset (@JeffLandset) October 1, 2015
There's conflicting reports on the number of decease or wounded at #Umpqua College.. Let's continue to send positive thoughts & prayers. — Donna Brazile (@donnabrazile) October 1, 2015

The local community and presumed students at UCC immediately reacted to the shooting on Twitter.

An alleged UCC student's father called them and told them to get off campus shortly before the shooting.

Thankful my papa called me and told me to get off campus 5 minutes before the cops showed up — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
National Guard was there, FBI, multiple cops, multiple fire departments...scariest thing in my life.. Praying for everyone still out there — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
I was getting ready to get out of my car to go to class and my papa stopped me and told me to get the f*ck off campus — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
The shooter was in the building I was getting ready to go into.. — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
Praying everyone is safe — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
Shaking so hard. Full on panic attack when my papa called me — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
I literally was out in the open... — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
Cannot believe this happened — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015
I'm still so sick to my stomach.. — Payt (@paytonpaulson) October 1, 2015

This person's mother seems to have been at the shooting, but is fortunately OK.

Literally happened right in front of my moms face. So fucking glad she's okay. — AT (@ChuckLittle4753) October 1, 2015
I don't ever wanna get pulled out of class to be told my mom was in a shooting ever again... Can't stop shaking — AT (@ChuckLittle4753) October 1, 2015
So many tears — AT (@ChuckLittle4753) October 1, 2015

A young man who said he has friends at UCC struggled to hold back his emotions.

All my friends at UCC call me as soon as you can — Braeden (@BraedenCounts) October 1, 2015
I'm trying so hard to keep my cool, man but I'm gonna fucking cry. — Braeden (@BraedenCounts) October 1, 2015

An alleged UCC student who didn't have class today expressed his sadness over the shooting.

Thank god I didn't have Thursday classes... — Collin Strizver (@Cstrizz) October 1, 2015
I can't get over that I didn't have class today. What is this world. Wish everyone didn't have class today — Collin Strizver (@Cstrizz) October 1, 2015
How do we go from here.. — Collin Strizver (@Cstrizz) October 1, 2015
Waiting for the names of the the taken is the hardest. I don't even know what to do — Collin Strizver (@Cstrizz) October 1, 2015

This all goes to show shootings like this have a reverberating impact on the surrounding community. As the mainstream media moves on to other matters in the days to come, the people there will continue to feel the pain and anguish of this tragedy.