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Chris Christie Just Endorsed Trump And He’s Getting Owned On Twitter


New Jersey Governor Chris Christie just endorsed Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, and people are laying into him on Twitter.

Christie's embrace of the controversial real estate mogul comes not long after he dropped out of the presidential race and contradicts many of his previous statements on Trump.

Endorsing Trump also means accepting the arguably intolerant and regressive nature of his perspectives and policy proposals.

Many view this development as a clear sign Christie will say just about anything to stay relevant and hurt his enemies.

Christie's endorsement of Trump is a blatant attack of his rival Marco Rubio, who Christie described as "desperate."

Christie's campaign failed, in part, because of the challenges Rubio posed to it, and he clearly still resents him.

Beyond trying to discredit Rubio, some think this signifies Christie's long-term political ambitions and desire to be vice president or attorney general, among other positions.

Whatever his intentions truly are, Christie just lost the respect of a lot of people.

And those who already didn't like Christie now have yet another reason to view him with disdain.

But at least one person is definitely happy about all of this.

When it comes down to it, this is actually a pretty big deal, and definitely gives Trump's campaign even more momentum.