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The First Lady Of NYC Shared The Greatest Poem About Tampons Ever

Chirlane McCray, the brilliant wife of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, tweeted the poem about tampons you never knew you needed in your life.

The poem recognized the awesome accomplishment of getting free tampons provided in 25 New York City high schools in high-need areas.

As every woman can tell you, tampons and pads are pretty essential parts of life, but they're crazy expensive. Most states actually have a "tampon tax," increasing the price of tampons and calling them luxuries.

I think all women know tampons are probably the least luxurious part of our lives.

While tampons and pads are super necessary, they're often not provided at schools (except in the form of rusting dispensers where you have to pay $1 for a 10-year-old cardboard applicator size super tampon that hopefully will come out of the old dispenser when you put in the money).

McCray praised the program in the best possible way.

Consider the tampon: So essential, so taboo. For decades we've been silent Because they make some men go "Ew!" — Chirlane McCray (@Chirlane) March 23, 2016
But finally we are talking: We say is "Enough is enough." Menstruation is part of life, If you can't handle it, then tough. — Chirlane McCray (@Chirlane) March 23, 2016
Our latest big win -And this really is cool- Is bringing free tampons To twenty-five schools. — Chirlane McCray (@Chirlane) March 23, 2016
It started with Council Member Julissa Ferreras-Copeland. She saw we needed more supply To match all the demand. — Chirlane McCray (@Chirlane) March 23, 2016
This is one small step for NYC And one giant leap for womankind. When it comes to menstruation We all deserve peace of mind. — Chirlane McCray (@Chirlane) March 23, 2016