Chelsea Handler Reveals Why She Chose To Speak Out About Her Abortions


If you think being a comedian means you can't offer intelligent and insightful views on serious issues, you should sit down and have a chat with Chelsea Handler.

On Thursday, just a few hours before Hillary Clinton officially accepted the Democratic nomination for president, Handler sat down with Elite Daily to talk about the election, what it means to have a female presidential nominee for a major political party for the first time in US history and why she chose to speak out about her two abortions as a teen.

Handler is clearly "with her" and described Hillary Clinton as a "tough bitch" whom she really admires. She said,

I just think she knows what she's doing... I respect her.

Unlike Hillary's Republican opponent, Handler appreciates Clinton has actual experience and is more than qualified for the office of the presidency.

.@chelseahandler just told me she thinks Hillary is one "tough bitch." #DemConvention — John Haltiwanger (@jchaltiwanger) July 28, 2016

Handler is clearly no fan of Donald Trump.

And if you're not planning on voting this year, don't let Handler know; she'll probably call you an asshole.

In her view, it's particularly important for young people to participate in this election, and not voting would be an insult to those who've fought so hard to both obtain and uphold this right (after all, women only gained the right to vote 96 years ago).

She told Elite Daily,

It's important for people to vote in this election because people have fought for years and years and years to get you the right to vote. So exercise it. Even if you're a white male, exercise it.

Handler's reference to "white males" and voting clearly eludes to the fact minorities and women have far more at stake in this election in terms of the Republican platform and many of Donald Trump's policy proposals.

Along these lines, the comedian and Netflix talk show host said she believes "losing the right to have control over our bodies" is the most important issue we're facing as a country right now. She hopes people will vote in a way that ultimately helps maintain that right.

Recently, Handler was quite open about two abortions she had as a teenager. In regard to speaking out like that, she has no fear of being offensive; Handler said she just wants people to know they're not alone and believes telling the truth can have an immense impact on others.

Every time you tell the truth about your own circumstance, you're helping other people.

She explained,

Everything I do always seems to be very divisive, even though my intention is never to be divisive. But I've learned to let it roll off my back. I'm not worried that [people] don't agree with me. I'm worried about the people I've helped give a voice to, or I've helped feel OK about what they've been through. I know hundreds and hundreds of women; I know hundreds of women who've had abortions. Every time you tell the truth about your own circumstance, you're helping other people -- whether it was a good decision or bad decision… It's certainly not something I would ever use the word 'proud of.' So, when people said, 'Oh, you're bragging,' I said, 'No, I'm telling the truth, which is really hard to do, especially when you're not proud of a decision.'

When asked what it means to her that a major political party in the US was finally nominating a woman, Handler said,

It's a beautiful day. It means that this country is everything that it's cracked up to be. Even though there are terrible things going on in the world and in our country. There's always a glimmer, there's always a spot of sunshine somewhere, and you have to look to it. And then you have to charge forward and don't let anyone get in your fucking way.

Indeed, when little girls across the country will grow up without believing it's impossible for them to become president, it's definitely a beautiful day.