Democratic Coalition Against Trump

Boycott Trump App Let's You Avoid Giving His Businesses Money


Ignoring the loftiest of Hail Marys, it's too late to get Donald Trump out of the White House, but that doesn't mean you can't having fun messing with him.

Someone's created a way to basically steal money from the big man.

It's an app created by the Democratic Coalition Against Trump group, and it's simply called Boycott Trump.

The aim is to take money out of his pocket by familiarizing yourself with all the businesses owned or connected to him — then just don't shop there.


FYI, there are a lot — more than 250, to be more precise — and some of the firms he's related to may surprise you.

The app, which is free to download on iTunes, claims Trump has ties to Nike, MillerCoors and Gucci. So you'll need to address your Gucci shoe fetish if you're anti-Trump — or be a massive hypocrite.

Democratic Coalition Against Trump

The description reads,


It may not be pleasing to the eye, but the app does what it says on the tin.

Nate Lemer, executive director of the Democratic Coalition Against Trump, said, "[The app] is a first step in our larger Boycott Trump campaign, which will feature a unified grassroots movement centered on holding companies and individuals that help Trump in any way accountable."