News — Bernie Supporters Explain The Importance Behind Their DNC Fart Protest
by John Haltiwanger

The 2016 election has been exceptionally strange, and it got just a little bit weirder on Thursday evening at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Bernie Sanders delegates and supporters staged a fart protest to signify their disdain for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president.

In other words, these individuals want to let the former secretary of state know they think she stinks.

They accomplished this by eating as many beans as possible in order to inspire flatulence.

With people staging protests of this nature, this has clearly been a highly contentious election, both between the two parties and within them.

Many Bernie Sanders supporters feel they've been robbed and are deeply discontented the Vermont senator did not ultimately become the Democratic nominee.

The recent leak of 20,000 emails from the Democratic National Committee, which seem to reveal top DNC staffers conspired against Bernie, have exacerbated these feelings.

When it comes down to it, there are definitely flaws in America's electoral system, and particularly the primary process. But this election was not rigged. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by a large margin.

Bernie Sanders might have been the most popular candidate nationwide, but he was not the most popular candidate among Democrats. Those are the facts.

With that said, people still have a right to peacefully express themselves, and this includes farting — even though it might feel like an assault on your nose.

Cheri Honkala, national coordinator for the Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign, spearheaded this fart protest. As she recently put it,

[The protest] shows the level of absolute disgust that we're at — we think we're going to remember 2016 as the year we begin to bury the two corporate political parties. It's really a shame — this whole thing does stink. Democrats and Republicans are like Pepsi and Coke. They listen to corporations and they don't listen to anti-poverty activists.

Watch a video of the protest above.