The Best Takeaways From Bernie Sanders' Live Interview With The Young Turks

by Kate Ryan

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders showed up at the studio of YouTube news outlet The Young Turks for a live interview that revealed the presidential candidate for what he really is: candid and pragmatic.

While detractors have tried to peg him as a radical, his discussion with Cenk Uygur proves he is anything but.

Covering topics from the media's coverage of the presidential campaigns to Sanders' belief in making the government work for the people again, no stone was left unturned.

Here are some of the most powerful points Bernie Sanders made while hanging out with young influencers in LA.

On the biased media coverage of political campaigns...

Concepts of income and wealth inequality, concepts of justice, learning what goes on around the rest of the world [is] never talked about in the corporate media.

On giving American people more political power...

We want to completely revitalize the Democratic Party, and make it a party of the people, rather than just one of large campaign contributors. ... I'm not big into being a leader. I'd much prefer to see a lot of leaders and a lot of grassroots activism.

On the environment...

You can't cuddle up to the fossil fuel industry. You've got to take them on.

On what Bernie wants...

I want 15 bucks an hour as a minimum wage. ... I want to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure. Flint, Michigan, is not the only community in America that doesn't have safe drinking water. Our roads, bridges, rail system is in disrepair. ... Making colleges and public universities tuition-free [with] Wall Street taxes on speculation to pay for it.

If changing our current political system to be more inclusive and less corrupt sounds good to you, then it should be pretty clear who to vote for this election season.

You can watch clips from Cenk Uygur's interview with Bernie Sanders here.